Nation Mediator

Welcome, friends and world leaders to my website. My name is Brian. This ministry is for Presidents, Prime Ministers, Monarchs, Supreme Leaders, and other heads of state.

Is your nation in a hostile relationship with another nation? Let me play the mediator. I will sit down with the leaders of both nations, first individually, then corporately.

Let’s resolve the nations’ problems and be at peace with one another. Let’s work this out. Let’s turn anger and hostilities between nations into love and understanding.

I can do it. I can turn the angriest world leader into a turtle dove. The solution to your nations’ problems is easier than you think. Peace for everyone. Satisfaction guaranteed!

No fee is charged. This ministry is absolutely free, but you would need to pay for or arrange my travel from California.

Please fill out the form and I will get back to you or your representative.

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